4th of July Parade – Freeport, ME 07/04/2014

4th of July Parade riding in the cherry bomb.

4th of July Parade riding in the cherry bomb.

GBNR2014 – Lee Schultheis

GBNR 2014 … I’m Lee Schultheis, and I’m running for GovernorBut Not Really. So … what’s it all about? It’s a full blown campaign for the Maine Governor’s Race in 2014 in the sense of looking to get on the ballot, in the general debates, and campaigning thru November of 2014. The ‘But Not Really’ part is about realistically not expecting to win, but rather wanting to focus on improving the dialogue of our broken political process without being a ‘spoiler’ in the general election. Getting voters out of their ‘ideological foxholes’ and spending more time looking at potential solutions that may not have fit into their prior comfort zone of political beliefs. The world is changing at an ever accelerating pace, and we cannot likely go back to the ‘good old days’ and the things that used to work … but under very different conditions.

I want to provide a forum for the many non-ideological solutions that are already out there but ignored by traditional political parties. Focusing on the ‘how’ of getting them enacted within the current political climate. Unique open-architecture, interactive campaign where those with solutions that cannot find sponsorship can go. The only screen at GBNR2014 is whether or not something is ‘practical’ and ‘sustainable’. If it’s already worked somewhere else, I’m interested … much more than in some elaborate ideologically based rationale on why it ‘should work’.

There are far more questions than answers at this point in the campaign. But it does provide an opportunity for those with expertise and interest in key issues to weigh in and help to improve the conversation. You will find some issues with concrete positions on this web-site, but none of it is carved in stone. Help us to get to a better solution, and we’ll change it in a heartbeat.

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GBNR – 2014 Contact Information:

Lee W. Schultheis (age 58) is the candidate for the GBNR2014 effort. A resident of Freeport, ME for the past 23 years, he has no prior political experience. A graduate of Cornell University’s Industrial and Labor Relations school in 1978, he spent the bulk of his career in the mutual fund industry, until retiring in September 2012 from the company he co-founded in 2002, Hatteras Alternative Mutual Funds, LLC (formerly Alternative Investment Partners, LLC).





Key Principles

“Nostalgia for a misremembered past is no basis for governing a diverse and advancing nation.”

- David Frum

1. Perhaps our largest problem we face is the ever accelerating pace of change and increasing complexity in life generally, and at times our inability or unwillingness to deal with or accept the change that is irreversible:

o Globalization is here to stay – we have to acknowledge what is and isn’t within our control.

o Science and technology aren’t slowing down.

o Scarcity of resources in certain areas.

o Changing demographics of our population.

o Some may feel that their ‘freedom of choice’ is being infringed, but others may wish for a less dizzying array of choice to have to deal with.

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Key Issues/Positions

“The problems are real. The solutions are painful. There’s no easy way out.”

- Simpson-Bowles

1. Ranked Choice Voting (RCV):

o This might be one of the best reasons (the current lack of RCV) for the ‘But Not Really’ part of GBNR.

o Our current situation amplifies the ‘sore loser’ mentality we seem to have these days of not conceding the ‘legitimacy’ of election winners. Less than 50% is clearly not a mandate.

o RCV should be a future ballot initiative, because it is likely both Democrats and Republicans would oppose it, as it tends to undermine politics as the exclusive domain of the 2-Party System.

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